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Why Us?

Direct Feedback

Get help for your code immediately by asking us directly; we're not just people in a video. Ask questions on the course forum for help from other students.

Critical Thinking

We don’t just tell you how to do something, we show you how to do it. Be able to not only create code that works, but understand why it works.


Missed something? No worries. You can go back and rewatch the recorded lessons. Also, you can look at the lesson summary in your course catalog.

A sea of choices

Web Design

• HTML/CSS   • Django

Learn how to create websites on a whim. With a good web development toolset, you can create anything you want. This website was made using Django, HTML/CSS, Javascript, and Docker!

Language Fundamentals

• Python   • Java   • C++

Coding is one very handy tool to have. Learn how to code in industry-leading languages, which can prepare you for challenging frameworks and introduce you to new concepts.

Competitive Programming

• C++

Learn the techniques and algorithms to prepare for challenging competitions such as the U.S.A Computing Olympiad. The tools used here can help you solve difficult problems.

It's your time to shine.

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